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KeyDragon Studios was started in 1999 by Ron Langford, formerly known as the lead singer and keyboardist of a Death band Dry Rot.  After being involved in the music industry as an artist for nearly 15 years, Ron decided taking the next step was an obvious thing to do.

"I've pounded the pavement and screamed on every stage I could for the last 2 decades.  Let's face it, you can't keep whirling up a storm without ever losing any steam.  It's time to produce a good album and get it to the fans," says Ron Langford, also known for his abilities as a diverse performer and classical pianist. "I would like to believe that the one and only reason for creating KeyDragon Studios is my undeniable passion for music. The idea of letting other musicians benefit from the recording studio made it very tempting indeed. And last but not least - there is a lot of creativity involved in building new musical projects."

The company focuses on music which can be defined as Heavy and Original. "KeyDragon Studios is about creating a heavy sound within different genres of music. We work with artists who we believe are unique and talented. It is somewhat complicated to define our sonic orientation. We have been using the word "metal" even though the term fails to explain our philosophy in desired detail. Our goal is to grow with our acts and their fans," Ron Langford explains the Bug Philosophy.

"The "KeyDragon - Dragon Prophecy" project is by far the most interesting thing I have done in musical terms," says Ron Langford, a captive fan of Metal from as long as he can remember. "Working on these heavy songs is always what I wanted to do. I'm proud to say I believe we have accomplished something very special. Judging from the more than positive response we have received, I'm not alone in my belief."

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Mail:     13682 Crawford Ln.

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Phone:     530 205 6685
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