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This is the 1918 Chilton Player Piano manufactured by The Aeolean Company from New York.  I was presented with this piano by a couple of my students in my first year of teaching at Georgetown School.  They were going to put it on a bon fire and watch it explode.  They new I loved playing the piano and asked if I wanted it.  I few hours later. my aide and I were hauling it off to Nevada City California.


This piano began as a player piano as you can see on the face.  It was in ruin so I had to remove all of the player piano pieces in order to restore the piano to playing condition.




This is what it looks like without all of the player pieces.




This is the left side of the piano.  You can see were the air hose came up from the bottom of the piano.


This is the right side of the piano.  You can still see the main air hose for controlling the player piano.



That's it.  The piano took some time to clean up and get to working condition.  I eventually had to remove all of the keys and shave them down a little bit to improve the action.