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Training and Influences


     Ron Langford started his study of piano after his 15th birthday, sometime in January.  A close friend of his taught him the layout of the piano and a couple of simple finger exercises.  After several months, Ron hired Andrea Fox of Nevada City California to teach him basic music theory and rock styled keyboarding.  After a year of lessons, Ron left Andrea and hired Francis Comstock of Grass Valley California to teach him more advanced theory and classical piano skills and techniques.  After several years of lessons from Francis, He moved on to have Greg Gavin for a short intro into jazz. 

     After graduating from NUHS in 1986, Ron attended CSUS as a piano major.  After one year of intermediate theory and piano study under Dr. Savage, Ron decided to break off piano study and begin the long journey of writing, arranging, and forming solo piano pieces and repertoire.

     Many influences have affected the way Ron Langford plays and composes his piano pieces.  Within the modern era, Ron has been influenced by Genesis, Police, Howard Jones, Thomas Dolby, and other innovative artists that emphasis piano or keyboard in their music.  Within the past eras, Ron has been influenced by Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, Clementi, Bach, Mancini, Joplin, and many other classical artists.